What is Sin?

What is SIN? (I John 3:4-10/Gen 2:16-17)

Sin entered a perfect creation and all fell from glory

What is Sin?

Sin is loving anything more than God. It is thinking, speaking, or acting in ways that are against God’s will for us. 

Sin always harms us and ultimately lead to death. (I John 3:4/Gen 2:17)

  • Sin is missing the mark (Rom 3:23)
  • Sin is an offense against God (I John 3:4)
  • Sin is legal and moral (Rom 6:23) (I John 3:8)

Jesus came to take away our sins. (I John 3:5)

What you hold on to is a reflection of who you are. (I John 3:6-7)

Jesus came to destroy the work of the enemy. (I John 3:8) (Gen 3:15)

We live what we believe. (I John 3:9-10)