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Help In Danger
-Stay focus on the Lord (1-2) -God has his eyes on us (3-4) -God is always on duty (5-6) -God cares for you and about you (7-8)
Do Not Worry
Do not worry but trust God’s provision. (Matt 6:25-29) Do not worry but trust God’s protection. (Matt 6:31-34) Do not worry but experience God’s peace. (John 14:27) Do not worry…
Next Steps | Finding Community
Next Steps | Finding Community Pastor Mark Hamilton Romans 12:5–8
More | Praise
More | Praise Arthur Connor Jr
More | Evangelism
Main Idea: Lost people matters. The power within us, hungers for MORE of what Jesus wants, – the lost to be found. a. Luke 19:1–3; There are lost people looking…
More | Prayer
God can do exceedingly abundantly more. Prayer is a privilege, not a duty. It’s a privilege to go before the throne of God. To know God intimately is a privilege.…
Trending | Mental Health

Trending | LGBT
What does God say about the LGBT community? God loves the LGBT community. Everyone is valued by God with no exceptions. We should love the LGBT community. The Bible does…
Trending | Social Media
Social media is amoral. Good social media: 1) Social media is a great marketing tool. 2) Social media can help you stay connected. 3) Social media is a fast way…
United in Babylon
United in Babylon - sermon by Rev. Dwight Fairclough at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Hollywood, FL
Goodbye to The Chains
Goodbye to The Chains Dr. Gerry Gallimore