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I Am The Bread of Life
I Am The Bread of Life Sermon Series: I Am - Scripture: John 6:34-38 - Connect Card:
Faith in Action
Series: Faith  Part 3: Faith in Action (Heb 11:1-12)
Faith in God
Series: Faith Part 2: Faith in God   Rom 4:18-25
What Is Faith?
Faith | What Is Faith - Arthur Connor - Heb 12:1-2
Mental Wellness

A Healthy Disciple
Wellness | A Healthy Disciple - Arthur Connor Jr - John 15:1-8
Church Wellness
Wellness | Church Wellness - Rev. Arthur Connor Jr - Galatians 5
State of The Church
State of The Church - Rev. Arthur Connor Jr - Matthew 16:13-18
Atonement: Grace Alone
Atonement: Grace Alone (Ps 32)  Series: Summer in the Psalms
God of All Creation
Summer In The Psalms | God of All Creation- Rev. Arthur Connor Jr- Psalms 8
Faith, Peace and Love
Faith, Peace and Love (Ps 91)Series: Summer in the Psalms 
Memorial Service | Mr. Norman Rose
Memorial Service | Mr. Norman Rose