MetroConnect Vol 4 | 4th Quarter

This month we celebrate 45 years of God’s faithfulness. In 1977 under the leadership of Dr. David A. Morgan, Metropolitan Baptist Church started a home fellowship where many could come together to worship God,

Rescue 2022 Invitation

Rescue 2022 Invitation – Youth and Young Adult Conference. You do not want to miss this event? It’s May 21st at Metropolitan Baptist Church

Be Very Afraid

I decided to Google a list of phobias one day, after reading about two types of fear: irrational fear, commonly known as Phobia, and rational fear. Did you know that Hippopotmonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words? Chaetophobia is the fear of hair and Kathisophobia is the fear of sitting down. There is also

MetroConnect Vol 3 | 3rd Quarter

Things Are Coming Back – Those of you who know me well can attest that I am an avid sports fan. As I consume NFL games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, I can’t help but recognize how many people have reoriented themselves to coming back to stadiums to watch their favorite football team. Over the past 20 months

A Primer on the Not-So-Minor Minor Prophets

Nestled in the middle of our Bibles are twelve short books commonly referred to as the Minor Prophets. Perhaps it’s the designation “minor” that has led some Bible readers to neglect these sacred works. Or maybe it’s because several of the books are rarely preached from Sunday morning pulpits, a reality that has led many to conclude they must not be all that important.