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Justice Knows No Boundaries

Bigger Circles, Broader Perspectives
Explore expanding circles of compassion and understanding in Rodman Cory's sermon "Bigger Circles, Broader Perspectives" from Romans 15:1-33.
Don’t Miss The Party
Discover the transformative message in the second installment of the series, "A Seat at the Table," with the sermon titled "Don't Miss the Party," centered around Luke 15:25-32, ESV. Delve…
Cosmic Drama in the Heavenly Throne Room
Gain Some Perspective Part 2 looks at the Cosmic Drama in the Heavenly Throne Room, SCRIPTURE: Revelation 5, SPEAKER: Rodman W. Cory
Heavenly Throne Room Scene
An enlightening sermon titled "Gain Some Perspective" by Rodman Cory. Delve into the book of Revelation, specifically Revelation 4.
Understanding The Times
Understanding The Times sermon by Rodman W. Cory based on Jude 1-25
You Can’t Live Like That!
You Can’t Live Like That! is the first part of the series, New. Preached by Bro. Rodman W. Cory at Metropolitan Baptist Church
The Results of Justification
Righteousness | The Results of Justification - Romans 5 - Rodman Cory

The Great Grand Master Key

Good Friday 2022
Good Friday Service 2022 Text: John 19:1-30 - Rodman W. Cory