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Who Are You Listening To?
Explore the profound impact of understanding God's presence, the allure of false teachings rooted in selfish desires, and the profound call to lead a life that echoes the Gospel in…
Embark on the second part of our Christmas List series with the transformative message titled "Hope," grounded in Matthew 1:21-23. Join us in exploring the profound significance of hope during…
It’s Time to Grow Up
Ready to deepen your faith journey? Join us for a transformative sermon titled "It's Time to Grow Up," as we delve into Hebrews 5:11-14 to explore the significance of spiritual…
Get Down or Lay Down
Get Down or Lay Down is a thought-provoking sermon by James Hanna as he explores the challenging words of Matthew 10:34-42.
God Is For Us
God Is For Us is the sermon title for the 3rd part of our sermon series, New. The scripture is Romans 8:31-39. Preached by James Hanna
Still In Sanctification
Still In Sanctification Series: Sanctification (Growth in Holiness) Scripture: Romans 7:7-9, 24,25 James Hanna
The Antidote for Anxiety
The Antidote for Anxiety Sermon Series: A Stand-alone Sermon - James Hanna - Scripture: Matthew 6:25-33
Relationships Defined, From God’s Perspective

A Heart for Mission
A Heart for Mission Life On Mission - James Hanna, Youth and Young Adult Pastor - Scripture: Matthew 28:17-20
Awaken – Week 1
Awaken - Week 1 - James Hanna - Scripture: John 4:16-39
I Am The Resurrection
I Am The Resurrection - Scripture: John 11:23-25 - Sermon Notes:
Fear God
Summer In The Psalms | Fear Him- James Hanna- Psalms 111:10