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Christian Ministry
Discover the essence of Christian Ministry through Romans 16. Unveil the gift of Christian partnerships, avoid dividers and deceivers, and understand the importance of collaborative ministry.
Bigger Circles, Broader Perspectives
Explore expanding circles of compassion and understanding in Rodman Cory's sermon "Bigger Circles, Broader Perspectives" from Romans 15:1-33.
Some Keys to Resolving a Church Dispute
Join us as Rev. Dwight Fairclough guides us through the keys to resolving church disputes, drawing insights from Romans 14. Learn how to pursue a Godly resolution, seek God’s perspective,…
Love and Live
Join Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. as he explores 'Love and Live' from Romans 13:8-14. Learn how to love deeply, value others, and live for God by pursuing holiness. Let's embody…
Our Relationship with Others
Discover the transformative impact of God's mercy on our relationships in this sermon titled "Our Relationship with Others." Part of the series "Living In View of God’s Mercy" and based…
Offer Yourself to The Body
Embark on the second part of our transformative series, "Living In View of God’s Mercy," with the powerful message titled "Offer Yourself to The Body." Delve into Romans 12:3-16 and…
Offer Yourself to God
Embark on a transformative journey in our sermon series, 'Living In View of God’s Mercy.' Join us for Lesson 1, 'Offer Yourself to God,' as we delve into Romans 12:1-2.…
God Has A Purpose for It
In this sermon titled "God Has A Purpose for It" from the series "God's People," based on Romans 11:11-36 ESV, profound insights into God's divine purpose unfold. The sermon delves…
His People By Grace
Join us for an enlightening sermon titled "His People By Grace" as we start our series on "God’s People," drawing insights from Romans 11:1-10. Discover the wisdom in asking for…
Feel the sense of urgency in our sermon titled "Urgency" from our series on The Sovereignty of God, where we delve into Romans 10:14-21.
The Wrong Way vs The Right Way
"The Wrong Way vs The Right Way" is part of our series on "The Sovereignty of God," where we will explore Romans 10:1-13. In this message, we will delve into essential truths, including the importance of praying for our lost loved ones
A Just God
A thought-provoking sermon titled "A Just God", is part of our series, "The Sovereignty of God," Delve into Romans 9:14-33 ESV