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Life | Faith Over Fear
Message: Faith over Fear (Gen 50:15-21) Living out of Fear. (v15)Covering our Fears (vv16-17)Fear God not man (v19)Ultimately, our lives are not in the hands of men, but in the hands of God. (v20-21)
Life | Dealing with Death
Life | Dealing with Death - Church Live StreamRev. Arthur Connor JrText: Gen 49:29-50:5
Life | Purposeful Pain
Life | Purposeful Pain - Church Live StreamJames HannaText: Genesis 45:1-8
Life | The Trials of Life
Life | The Trials of Life - Church Live StreamRev. Arthur Connor JrText: Genesis 42
Life | Character Matters
Life | Character Matters - Rev. Arthur Connor Jr - Text: Gen. 41 - Scripture Reading Gen. 41:8-14
Life | Enduring Injustice
Life | Enduring Injustice - Church Live Stream Text: Genesis 40 Rev. Arthur Connor Jr
Life | Unreasonable Doubt
Life | Unreasonable Doubt - Live Sunday Service Text: Gen 39: 20-23 Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. God is with us. The prison is a locale of: Oppression Obscurity Obedience Opportunity…
Life | Escaping the Entanglement
God is with us in the midst of difficult moments. v1-6 IF WE ARE GOING TO ESCAPE THE ENTANGLEMENT WE MUST: Commit to radical purity. [I Thess. 4:3-5} Know you are…
Life | Hatred, Envy & Malice
Series: Life Message: Hatred, Envy & Malice (Genesis 37:5-28)  A life in the hand of God is never wasted. 
Life | A Dysfunctional Family
A life in the hand of God is never wasted.  In life, God can use us despite our dysfunction (v2) In life, we need to do what is right (v3) In life, showing favoritism can be dangerous (v4-5) In life, suffering and hardship doesn’t mean you’re not…
What is Sin?
What is SIN? (I John 3:4-10/Gen 2:16-17) Sin entered a perfect creation and all fell from glory.  What is Sin? Sin is loving anything more than God. It is thinking, speaking, or acting in ways that…
Why Did God Create Me?
We did not create God, but God created us.  Gen 1:1 Why does human beings exist? Because God made us Ps. 95:6 God didn’t create us out of a need for himself  Ps 50:9-12 God creates…