Are you ready to discover your true identity in Christ? There’s no better way than through the words of Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. of Metropolitan Baptist Church and his sermon series, Knowing God. In the sermon, Identification, Pastor Connor offers a powerful message from Romans 5:17-19 that encourages us to recognize our true identity as children of God and how this leads us to salvation.

This sermon series is more than a simple briefing of Scriptures, it serves as a call to action. Identifying our identity in Christ allows us to find the strength to keep on pushing forward, even when the journey becomes difficult. Pastor Connor reminds us that this identity frees us from the lies we hear in society and provides us with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

To put it simply, this sermon is a must-listen for anyone who wants to find their true identity as children of God and learn more about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Pastor Connor unpacks each verse with a level of depth and insight that will leave you wanting more. With the Knowing God sermon series, you can go deep into the heart of the Scriptures and learn more about the wonders of salvation.