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Baptism – Feb. 7, 2021
Baptism - Feb. 7, 2021
What Is Prayer About?
WHAT IS PRAYER ABOUT?Luke 11:1-131. Prayer is about RESTING in God2. Prayer is about REVERENCING God3. Prayer is about REIGNING with God in His ongoing work4.Prayer is about RESIGNING to…
Life | Unreasonable Doubt
Life | Unreasonable Doubt - Live Sunday Service Text: Gen 39: 20-23 Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. God is with us. The prison is a locale of: Oppression Obscurity Obedience Opportunity…
From the Ashes, We Will Rise
How do we rise from the ashes? 1. Press Pause | Nehemiah 1:1: 2:1 a. Pray | Nehemiah 1:4-12 b. Plan c. Prepare | Nehemiah 2:4-8 2. Perpend Perceptions |…
What Now? | Take Us There.
Take Us There - What Now? Sermon Series. Pastor Mark Hamilton preaching from bible text Joshua 1:1-2
Next Steps | Finding Community
Next Steps | Finding Community Pastor Mark Hamilton Romans 12:5–8
Trending | LGBT
What does God say about the LGBT community? God loves the LGBT community. Everyone is valued by God with no exceptions. We should love the LGBT community. The Bible does…