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Life | Escaping the Entanglement
God is with us in the midst of difficult moments. v1-6 IF WE ARE GOING TO ESCAPE THE ENTANGLEMENT WE MUST: Commit to radical purity. [I Thess. 4:3-5} Know you are…
Life | Hatred, Envy & Malice
Series: Life Message: Hatred, Envy & Malice (Genesis 37:5-28)  A life in the hand of God is never wasted. 
Life | A Dysfunctional Family
A life in the hand of God is never wasted.  In life, God can use us despite our dysfunction (v2) In life, we need to do what is right (v3) In life, showing favoritism can be dangerous (v4-5) In life, suffering and hardship doesn’t mean you’re not…
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