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He Is Lord
Explore the profound truth of Jesus' Lordship with Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. in his compelling message, "He is Lord." Based on John 20:24-31, this sermon delves into the evidence and…
Turning Point at Noon
Discover profound insights with Speaker Yvette Staub as she delves into the spiritual significance of "Turning Point at Noon," based on John 4:13-15. Explore the transformative power of encountering truth…
To Stay or To Go
Experience the profound sermon "To Go or To Stay" by Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore as he delves into John 6:60-69. Explore the timeless question of whether to stay or go…
Hope for the Hopeless
Discover "Hope for the Hopeless" in our Gospel Stories series as we delve into John 5:1-15. Broken people find hope, and missed opportunities to rejoice are revealed. Join us for…
Supernatural Birth
Unveil the profound truths of "Supernatural Birth" in our Gospel Stories series. Delve into John 3:1-15 to uncover Jesus as the central figure, the imperative of supernatural birth, and the…
Church Please Don’t Lie to the People!
Join us for a thought-provoking sermon with guest preacher Rev. Justin Francis titled "Church Please Don’t Lie to the People!” Explore common misconceptions, challenge cultural sayings, and dive into the…
The Gift
The grand finale of our teaching series "The Christmas List": The Gift! Delve into the heart of Christmas as we explore the profound truths in Luke 2:1-7 and John 1:12-14.…
Intimacy is week 2 of the sermon series, Knowing God. SCRIPTURE: JOHN 14:1-23, SPEAKER: Pastor Arthur Connor Jr.
The Sower Harvest And Reapers
The Sower Harvest And Reapers sermon by Rev. Hervin Green at Metropolitan Baptist Church's Harvest Thanksgiving Service
Our Unity
Our Unity is part 2 of the sermon series: “As it is in Heaven: Praying the Prayers of Jesus”. The focus Scripture is John 17:20-26 with Pastor Arthur Connor Jr.
Dying to Live
Dying to Live Series: Sanctification (Growth in Holiness) Scripture: Romans 6:1-14 - Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. - Scripture: John 1:35-42
This Is The Moment
This Is The Moment - Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. - Scripture: John 1:35-42