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Church Please Don’t Lie to the People!
Join us for a thought-provoking sermon with guest preacher Rev. Justin Francis titled "Church Please Don’t Lie to the People!” Explore common misconceptions, challenge cultural sayings, and dive into the…
Integrity is part three of the sermon series, Knowing God. SCRIPTURE: Eph 4:1-3, SPEAKER: Pastor Arthur Connor Jr.
Thanksgiving and  Prayer
Thanksgiving and Prayer is the New Year 2023 sermon. Scripture is Ep 1:15-23 - preached by Pastor Arthur Connor Jr.
Gospel-Centered Man

Awaken - Edwin Copeland, Church United Executive Director - Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6
God Became Hope
God Became Hope - Pastor Arthur Connor, Jr. - Scripture: Eph 2:12-13, Titus 2:11-14 & Rom 15:12-13
UNDIVIDED | Unity for The Sake of Mission
UNDIVIDED | Unity for The Sake of MissionRev. Arthur Connor JrText: Eph 4:1-6
UNDIVIDED | We Go Together
Undivided Sermon Outlines (Week 1)Main Text: Eph 2:14-16 / Colossians 3:11We are united in Christ  (Col 3:11)United in our Identity United in our Mission United in our Future 2. Unity is Powerful  (Ps. 133:1-3, Ecc 4:12, Matt 18:19, Act 2)3. Unity…
Verse of The Week | Ephesians 5:1-2
VERSE OF THE WEEK #5 GROUND ZERO!! Ephesians 5:1-2 James Hanna
More | Prayer
God can do exceedingly abundantly more. Prayer is a privilege, not a duty. It’s a privilege to go before the throne of God. To know God intimately is a privilege.…