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Living Out The Mission
Living Out The Mission Life On Mission - Rev. Arthur Connor, Jr., Lead Pastor - Scripture: 1 Cor. 9:19-22, 10:31
Easter Sunday | Empty
Empty (Because they found NO Body)The empty tomb wasn’t always empty. (John 19:34-35, Matt 27:57-61)We were told we would find no body. (Mark 8:31, Isa 53:8-12)Nobody expected no body.The one…
Reboot | Rebooting Your Finances
Rebooting your FinancesSeries: Reboot1 Cor 4:1-2We are called to be stewards (1 Cor 4:1-2)When it comes to money we should:-Eliminate Debt (Rom 13:8)-Invest so we can multiply God’s resources(Matt 25:24-30)-Be Generous (1 John 3:17)We can redeem our approach…
Easter Sunday – Jesus Died and Rose for Us
Easter Sunday Service Jesus Died and Rose for Us Text: I Cor 15:1-6/Luke 24:6-7 Rev. Arthur Connor Jr
Trending | Social Media
Social media is amoral. Good social media: 1) Social media is a great marketing tool. 2) Social media can help you stay connected. 3) Social media is a fast way…