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Feel the sense of urgency in our sermon titled "Urgency" from our series on The Sovereignty of God, where we delve into Romans 10:14-21.
The Wrong Way vs The Right Way
"The Wrong Way vs The Right Way" is part of our series on "The Sovereignty of God," where we will explore Romans 10:1-13. In this message, we will delve into essential truths, including the importance of praying for our lost loved ones
A Just God
A thought-provoking sermon titled "A Just God", is part of our series, "The Sovereignty of God," Delve into Romans 9:14-33 ESV
His Sovereignty
We Can Depend on The Sovereignty of God in our series, "The Sovereignty of God," led by Pastor Arthur Connor Jr. Dive into Romans 9:6-13 ESV
A Burden
In this sermon titled "A Burden," we delve into Romans 9:1-5 as we explore the heartfelt burden that Paul carried for Israel's rejection of the Messiah. Paul's deep sorrow resonates with every Christian, urging us to share a burden for those who have yet to embrace Christ.