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All In On Prayer
All In On Prayer -  Rev. Arthur Connor Jr - Matt 6:5-13, 2 Chron 7:14- “Prayer gets us in on what God is doing.”― Eugene H. Peterson,
All In on Love, Unity, and Service
All In on Love, Unity, and Service. Love is the mark that shows that we are ALL In.John 13:34-35, John 17:20-21, Matt 23:11-12
All In On Being Generous
It is better to_________________________________________. (Acts 20:35)The generous will be__________________________________. (Prov. 22:9)_________________________will give their ___________________________to help others. (Acts 20:35) (Prov 22:9)God is ___________________________________ who will reflect His _________________________and His _______________________. (2…
All In on Making Disciples
All In On Making Discipleship- Rev. Arthur Connor Jr- John 4:18-22All In on Making Discipleship - As Christians, we are called to be ALL IN in our trust and surrender…