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God Became Hope
God Became Hope - Pastor Arthur Connor, Jr. - Scripture: Eph 2:12-13, Titus 2:11-14 & Rom 15:12-13
This Is How We Live | 4 Reminders
Being apart of the Family of God is a great privilege.4 Reminders:1. Keep reminding the family how to live. v1-22. Reminds the family how they once lived. v33. Reminds us of the gospel.  v4-74. Reminds us what to avoid. v9-11We live on by, Remembering what God has…
This is How We LIVE | Living in the Family of God
We are called to know the truth and live by the truth. v1To display the fruit of the Gospel:We need mature older men of God. v2We need mature older godly women. v3-4We need young virtuous women. v4-5We need self-controlled young men. v6-8We need…
This Is How We LIVE | Muting False Teachers
This Is How We LIVE | Muting False TeachersChurch Live Stream Titus 1:10-16Rev. Arthur Connor Jr
This Is How We Live | How We LEAD
This is how we leadTitus 1:1-9-Good leaders help bring change. -Good leaders lead well in their Marriage and family (v. 6)-Good leaders have good Personality and character traits (vv. 7-8)-Good leaders are Devoted to God’s Word (v.9)A life of integrity is one…