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All In On Being Generous
It is better to_________________________________________. (Acts 20:35)The generous will be__________________________________. (Prov. 22:9)_________________________will give their ___________________________to help others. (Acts 20:35) (Prov 22:9)God is ___________________________________ who will reflect His _________________________and His _______________________. (2…
Reboot | Rebooting Your View of The Church
Rebooting Your View of The Church Series: RebootChurch leaders need to take heed of their own spiritual condition. v28Church Elders are called to care for the church of God. v28The…
What Now? | Overlooked
Problem:  A group of people were being overlooked. v1 Solution:  They listened and responded quickly. v1 They never neglected the mission. v2  They gave the people a voice. v3 They chose good representation v3-5  They gave attention to prayer and the Word of God. v4 Unity and love will bring increase.