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The Movement
Join us for an inspiring sermon in the "Equip For This" series as we explore "The Movement," based on Acts 2:42-47. This message emphasizes the high priority of growing in…
Priority of Prayer in Sharing Christ
Discover the significance of prayer in spreading the message of Christ with Rev. Dwight Fairclough. Join us for a transformative sermon based on Acts 4:23-31
Missional Individuals
Missional Individuals - Sermon Series: Gospel Life - Rev. Arthur Connor Jr. - Scripture: Acts 17:1-15

Awaken – Week 3
Awaken - Week 3 Praying for Boldness - Pastor Arthur Connor, Jr. - Scripture: Acts 8:26-31
Awaken – Week 2
- Pastor Arthur Connor, Jr. - Scripture: Acts 8:26-40
All In On Being Generous
All In On Being Generous - Pastor Arthur Connor Jr - It is better to give than receive. (Acts 20:35) The generous will be blessed. (Prov. 22
Reboot | Rebooting Your View of The Church
Rebooting Your View of The Church Series: RebootChurch leaders need to take heed of their own spiritual condition. v28Church Elders are called to care for the church of God. v28The…
What Now? | Overlooked
Problem:  A group of people were being overlooked. v1 Solution:  They listened and responded quickly. v1 They never neglected the mission. v2  They gave the people a voice. v3 They chose good representation v3-5  They gave attention to prayer and the Word of God. v4 Unity and love will bring increase.