A Primer on the Not-So-Minor Minor Prophets

Nestled in the middle of our Bibles are twelve short books commonly referred to as the Minor Prophets. Perhaps it’s the designation “minor” that has led some Bible readers to neglect these sacred works. Or maybe it’s because several of the books are rarely preached from Sunday morning pulpits, a reality that has led many to conclude they must not be all that important.

MetroConnect Volume 1 | 1st Quarter

When God called me to be the Lead Pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church over 5 years ago, I never expected to have a year like 2020. It was a chaotic and uncertain year for us as a church, but most of all has left me extremely humbled. In 1 Corinthians 2:5

A God Story | Community Outreach

First, we want to give our deepest and warmest gratitude to the Metropolitan Baptist Church. Your hospitality to our School is not in vain nor was it just another kind act. It was and is always needed. This is your second year sponsoring families at our Learning Center.